City of Oulu

The Urban and Environmental Services of the City of Oulu are responsible for various projects related to the development and improvement of the urban area. The organisation is strongly involved in enabling the growth and evolution of the city and implementing the urban strategy.

Myy created the communications concept “Uudistuva Oulu” (“Evolving Oulu”) for the Urban and Environmental Services to provide an umbrella for all urban development sites located in the city centre and its immediate vicinity.

All information on the subject, which had previously been scattered all over the city’s website, was now published on the new Uudistuva Oulu website. Myy designed the structure and content of the site and instructed on the application of the visual identity. The website is updated by the City of Oulu.

Myy has also contributed to the communication of individual projects by providing ideas for various actions. For example, we managed the communications and website content for the architecture competition of the marketplace area and the related public vote on Facebook. Before the winner was announced, the latest news on the architecture competition were published as an advertorial in the local newspapers Kaleva and Forum24. Click the image to view the advertorial, published in November 2015.