Communications that make a difference

Societal communications and marketing has always been an essential part of Myy’s operations. For instance, we participated in building the New Children’s Hospital, raising awareness about literacy, and acting for a flexible working life.


In 2011, we pioneered in joining and supporting the New Children’s Hospital 2017 project. Along the years, we have developed a namesake pastry for Mikael Agricola, the father of written Finnish, collaborated with numerous patient associations to make remarkable and preventive health communications, as well as acted against youth exclusion. Among plenty of other things!

When it comes to societal marketing communications, it’s important to understand the surrounding environment and community. We do our research and dig deep. A part of success is also an extensive set of means to influence, from influencer relationships to omni-channel marketing. We help you to build an effective campaign from the beginning until the end: we figure out the key stakeholders, plan the creative concept and create the contents for all channels.

Let’s do communications that make a difference – together.

When no MP refuses to welcome a delegation within a two-week notice period, you know that we are working on something important.

Merja Tervo Strategist, Partner

Branding that leaves a mark

We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.


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“We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.”