Your story comes alive on social media

Social media opens constantly new opportunities for marketing. We know what is going on! As Myy’s customer, you can develop your social media quick and smartly – regardless of if your goal is to boost your online sales, increase your brand awareness, or listen to your customers. Our collaboration gives measurable results.

Social media contents may be pictures, text, videos, or gifs, for example. We provide you contents in all formats. The most important thing in social media is to be relevant for the right audiences.

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    Community Manager

    We are experienced in Community Manager services where we conduct all social media marketing on our customer's behalf. The service includes: planning a content calendar, providing the contents (text, image, video, gif, boomerang,...), and customer service on social media. We ensure through targeted marketing that the contents are available for the right audiences. We create your target audiences, execute the marketing, and follow the analytics. Based on that, we provide you suggestions on how to improve every month.

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    Social media marketing

    Are you reaching your target audiences on social media? Professional marketing on social media is the key to success. We help our customers to create their target audiences and to plan relevant contents for them. Social media marketing is a craft where continuity and grit are rewarded.

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    Social media contents

    Contents decide the winners and losers of social media. We create the contents best suited for our customers in all formats, such as text, images, video, gifs, and boomerangs.

Branding that leaves a mark

We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.


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“We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.”