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    Strategic communications, Content marketing

The City of Oulu Urban and Environmental Services is responsible for, for example, city planning, building guidance, and technical services. Myy has been a partner for the Services in a number of communications projects.

As a result of our collaboration, communications concepts such as Uudistuva Oulu (Eng. Renewable Oulu) and Paras paikka yritykselle (Eng. The best place for business) were created. We have supported the communications of individual projects through innovative measures on how to engage the public. For instance, an extensive survey was conducted among the people of Oulu about their needs and wishes for developing the market place that is an instrumental piece of the city.

More opportunities for spontaneous events, street dances, theatre plays, stand-up comedy, and music.

A resident of Oulu, Market place survey

Myy analysed the results and accordingly produced infographics and an information package for the use of Oulu’s authorities and decision makers.

A marketing campaign for commercial property lots

Behind the Paras paikka yritykselle (Best place for business) campaign was the need to reach local businesses investing in premises for their own use. We wanted to raise awareness among businesses about the city’s extensive services for businesses and demonstrate why Oulu is a great place for entrepreneurs.

We chose the newspaper Kaleva, Kaleva’s website, and the City of Oulu’s social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) as the channels for the activating and engaging campaign. In addition, the campaign was supported by marketing on digital screens on the premises of the City of Oulu and Rotuaari.

We wanted to stir actions through each one of Kaleva’s front page advertisement – to activate entrepreneurs to answer to our survey, contact us, or participate in our event.

Every published ad had engaging content and promoted a brand story. The content marketing plan was build on three customer cases: Oulun autokuljetus, AJO-Kiinteistöt, and PM-rakennus and their customer Intolog.

Branding that leaves a mark

We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.


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“We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.”