Commit users with visual contents

Studies show that from all the information we hear, we remember roughly 10 % after only three days. However, just add a picture: now the audience remembers up to 65 % of the information. The same applies to social media where, without a picture, attention is scarce.

Emma Rinneheimo


Social media users don’t exactly read but rather scan their feeds. They stop at posts that catch their eyes and only then read what you have to say. In other words, the picture in an ad might determine the success of the whole campaign. According a study about Facebook marketing campaigns it was found that pictures account up to 75-90 % of the effectiveness of an ad.

Picture your brand’s story

Pictures are part of a brand’s personality. They communicate the brand’s philosophy and help customers to approach the brand. Pictures are essential in telling the brand’s story, so avoid using pictures that don’t provide value for your customers. For a more recognisable brand, keep your style consistent. Use the same fonts, colours, backgrounds or other elements. Colours don’t only remind customers of the brand, but also create feelings and set the mood. Colours help to keep the look consistent but be careful to not to be too predictable – constantly with novelties stimulated social media user gets easily bored with the same content.


Genuine and real dynamics and feelings translate from pictures so avoid setting up your pictures too much. When using stock photos, especially free ones, be aware that many other businesses are likely to use the same photos. This makes custom-made, owned pictures more valuable.

When taking or choosing a picture, you should first consider the platform and place it will be put on. The perfect picture for a Facebook banner is rarely the right choice for an ad. Many platforms allow you to upload the picture in many sizes, but a wrong size could lead to blurriness. Follow each platform’s guidelines for pictures to ensure good resolution.

Tips for better visual contents

Pictures are used to catch the user’s attention, impress them and to communicate the brand philosophy. To not to bore the user with too stagnant contents and to avoid a decreasing CTR, be creative while staying true to your brand. Regular A/B-testing helps you to find the best picture and style to make your audience commit.  Relevant pictures gain the attention of the right people and help to build brand loyalty.

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