New Children’s Hospital 2017

Initial situation and targets

The old Children’s Hospital in Helsinki was falling apart. There had been considerable shilly-shallying about the subject, but the decision to build a new hospital was still waiting to be made.

Eventually, a group of individuals decided to do something. They established a support association tasked with helping to construct, by 2017, a new children’s hospital that would admit patients from all over the country. The target was to collect donations worth 30 million euros to contribute to the construction of the New Children’s Hospital.

Myy’s contributions to the New Children’s Hospital project received several awards in 2014. The campaign received the Best Social Campaign of the Year awards at the MTL Communications Awards and the AdProfit competition.



Creative solution and implementation

Fundraising campaigns are often characterised by gloom and desolation and the impression that there are wrongs that cannot be righted. To challenge that trend, we created a joyful, optimistic campaign that emphasised the concreteness of the project: we will build a hospital and complete it by 2017.

We harnessed our own channels as well as those of our partners. An event arranged in the old Children’s Hospital in February 2013 immediately became the subject of massive media attention. We influenced the debate on the project website and social media channels. The Board of the support association were tireless in their efforts to reach the corporate target group.

Once the legitimacy of the project had been established among the general public, we started a sustained online marketing, print advertising and content cooperation campaign with our principal media partner. We used continuous content marketing to keep the project in the news.

We persuaded the hugely popular pop star Justin Bieber to become an advocate for the project when he performed in Finland in spring 2013. We also established an actively updated blog that highlighted the stories of volunteer workers.


The project was quickly embraced by the Finnish public. Soon it became apparent that we had not created a fundraising campaign, but a people’s movement. In less than a year, we had reached a target that we had never believed possible: 18.9 million euros. And just 18 months after the launch of the campaign, the overall target of 30 million euros was in the bag.

The target for the first year (6 million euros) was exceeded more than three times, and it took 18 months instead of five years to reach the overall target. After the first year, project recognition stood at staggering 97%, while the target had been 50%. There were a total of 1,439 media hits, and about 85% of the stories were neutral or positive. We managed to reverse public opinion that such projects should always be paid from the public purse.

The campaign was carried out in collaboration with Bob the Robot, which was responsible for the concept and implementation of advertising.