New Children's Hospital

A phenomena that touched all Finland

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    New Children's Hospital 2017

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    Fundraising: Let's build a New Children's Hospital

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How to make the impossible happen

The Children’s Hospital in Helsinki was worn down – badly. There had been a lot of talk about it but no decision about about building a new hospital had been made.

In the end, a group of private people decided to take the issue in their own hands. They found a support foundation with the goal of helping to build a new nation-widely serving hospital for children. There were many who doubted the project as the goal of the fundraising was high on Finnish standards: 30 million euros.

We were contributing to the project whole heartedly as pro bono. We had one or two people working constantly on the project for over two years to achieve the goal.

Satu Rasa, Partner, Myy Agency

With joy

Fundraising projects are often associated with despair and hopelessness. Contrastingly, we created a happy and hope-bringing campaign that emphasised the tangibility of the project: we are building a house.

We utilised our own, earned, and our partners’ channels. On the project’s website and social media, we influenced and moderated the discussion. We succeeded in changing the general thought that this kind of projects should always be funded with tax money.

The project soon reached the hearts of the people. It turned out that we hadn’t only launched just a fundraising campaign but a social movement. We reached our fundraising goal in one and half years. This was a feat that we ourselves couldn’t even have dreamed of.

The goal of the New Children's Hospital 2017 fundraising campaign reached its goal of raising 30 million euros of private funds in record time.
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    Only journalistic visibility alone was over 1500 articles over the one and half years.

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    Funds raised

    We raised 30 million euros in only one and half years

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