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Myy has been Ford Finland’s communications partner since 2019. Sustainability has been a strong communications aspect from the beginning, and now in 2023, it will be a strong core of all communications as the automotive industry is rapidly transitioning  towards an electronic world.

Traditionally, automotive industry communication has been product-driven. As environmentalism has become a strategic starting point for almost the entire industry, we have constantly been thinking of new ways to communicate about cars and automotive issues to make the shift to green energy visible also to consumers.

An adventure that suits Finns

A year ago, Ford Finland’s Communications Manager, Tarja Hammarberg, and I started thinking about how we could bring the core issues of Ford’s strategy to life through influencer collaboration. At the heart of Ford’s product development is manufacturing cars suitable for an active life. The English term “adventure” is therefore often used in Ford’s international communication.

In terms of products and production, too, the green transition is a reality and not just words: Ford aims to have an all-electric range in Europe and carbon-neutral operations by 2035. For example, €2 billion has recently been invested in the modernisation of the Cologne plant.

After negotiations, non-fiction author Pepe Forsberg was chosen as our influencer partner. In addition to his many comprehensive nature works, Pepe is a keen outdoorsman in both spirit and practice – the right person not only to tell stories about nature, but also to test Ford products in authentic conditions.

Cooperation based on genuine synergy

Pepe runs the popular Facebook sites Kansallispuistot tutuiksi and Pepen retket. Pepe has travelled to his destinations using Ford’s Ranger, the hybrid Kuga, and all-electric Mustang, among others. However, the focus of the content is firmly on nature.

“Eco-friendliness and motoring are often seen as opposites, even though the automotive industry in general works very hard and systematically to ensure that both the products and their manufacture have as little impact on the environment as possible. At Ford, this has long been at the heart and soul of all operations, from the attitude and goals of the owner family to the company’s strategy and practical measures,” says Tarja Hammerberg, Ford Finland’s Communications Manager.

“I want to play my part in changing attitudes, and that’s why I’m happy to be working with Pepe. A car is often essential for both leisure activities and work, and this is something that comes across nicely when ‘driving’ along with Pepe,” she continues.

Myy Agency tukee Ford Suomen viestintää
Diverse use of content

Ford’s products have also been featured on social media in posts on Channel 17 (EVEO) in the Luontojengi programme. The first episodes of the series have already been viewed more than 200 000 times in a few weeks on the Pepen retket Facebook service. As part of the cooperation, the national visibility provided by the TV channel will also be taken advantage of.

“Cars have been used in the episodes to move from one destination to another, and they have served as reliable tools for the crew. In addition, the series has been shared through Pepen retket on the social media channels of several cities and municipalities,” says Forsberg.

Currently in production is also a native marketing series about hiking and nature destinations in summer in Finland – led by Pepe. The videos and articles are produced by Myy Agency.

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“We do agile communications smartly and in high quality.”