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Podcasts have been a popular form of content for over a decade. Although they have a reputation for serving rather entertainment-focused purposes, podcasts are increasingly being used for brand building as well – and for a good reason.

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Many of those paying attention to trends and recommendations on what kind of content a business should produce would vote for video as the best kind of content. While video is a great content form, part of its charm comes from sounds. Savvy content producers really shouldn’t underestimate the influence potential of pure sound content.

Podcasts, online sound files, are part of the daily life of millions of people worldwide. However, the trend took its time before arriving to Finland, although for instance Yle has produced podcasts as a side product along its radio shows.

Recently Finnish content providers, such as bloggers, have adapted sound as part of their works. Many influencers as well as industry and sector professionals use their own voice to directly talk to their followers and the public. The market entries of podcast distributors like WeCast and Aatos, and companies such as Duunitori taking note of the phenomenon are strong indicators that sound as a content form is truly heard.

Here are five reasons why podcasts benefit your business’ content strategy:


  1. Competitive edge

So far only a small fraction of Finnish companies produces podcasts. This is your opportunity to establish a position as the leading thinker and influencer in your market. Sense of novelty supports the image of you as a pioneer and helps to reach listeners interested in your product and industry. Depending on the content and style of your podcast you can even reach listeners via their other interests.


  1. It’s easy ­– for you and the listener

Getting name as the leading thinker in your industry doesn’t require writing a book, not even making videos, even though an already established relationship with your audience is definitely a plus. You just need to get your thoughts heard. Audio equipment is significantly more affordable than video equipment. Beginning making podcasts is also easier, as the media form is flexible and straightforward. An easy way to start is, for example, turning your company blogposts into podcasts.

For the listener, that is, a customer or a potential customer, podcasts are an easy option as well. Sound doesn’t require as much concentration as text or video, and you can easily listen to podcasts while driving or walking via your smartphone.


  1. Increased openness

If you want to show your customers that you’re open and genuine with them but filming yourself seems still a bit too scary, podcasts are a good way to get personal with them and develop your company’s persona. Podcast helps you to build a more intimate relationship with your customers. The more trustworthy and genuine you seem, the more likely potential leads are to contact you.


  1. Networking opportunities

Podcasts are the perfect reason to get in touch with industry specialists, influencers and just generally interesting people and invite them as guest speakers. An interview or discussion lets you shine with your expertise, but under the pretence of an interview you also get the opportunity to make new contacts with people important in your industry. You can also interview the employees in your company or even your customers to further strengthen the picture of your company as open and trustworthy.


  1. Increased visibility

Creating rich media content, such as video and sound, improves your Google search results. You’ll receive extra traffic to your website if you record some of your blogs as podcasts and suggest your readers to check them out. You could, for example, tell potential customers about a special campaign or promotion in your podcast and thus guide people to your website.

In a summary, podcasts can provide numerous benefits to your business. If you need some more tips on how to get started with sound recording or would like a fully produced podcasts, we at Myy are happy to help.


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