Services Understand Your Customers Insight


Effective and powerful content requires action and stories that suit your customers’ values; this is where customer insights come in. We analyse your customers’ motivations, needs and behaviour by combining just the right mix of data and research.


Free from geographical limitations and less complex than traditional group discussions, online focus groups are a great way to dig deeper into the world of your stakeholders. In online discussions, no one single person gets to dominate the group and so every participant’s voice is heard.


Targeted and effective communication is based on understanding your customers’ online behaviour. Think about your most important customer profiles: What are they searching for online? Which sites do they visit? Which media do they regularly consume?

Analysing online behaviour typically begins with a search term analysis and a review of your own social media channels.


Consumer stories explain behaviours more profoundly than analytics or online discussions. Stories are collected by recruiting a group of consumers for one to two weeks to answer questions and complete tasks. They may take photos, write stories of their experiences or make videos, for instance. This allows for gaining a holistic view of the behaviour of the studied target group.


Stakeholder and customer interviews are a traditional, but a very successful way to gain customer insight. We recommend that you always begin formulating your marketing strategy with conducting interviews, as they provide you with profound fundamental understanding of your customers.