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Put content to work

Expertise in communication is engrained deep in our DNA. For this reason, at the beginning of our collaborations, we ensure that your brand is clear and all media your channels are  optimised to peak performance.

Within content marketing, our focus is on the digital environment: the visibility of your brand in search engines, on social media and other digital channels, as well as a customer focused, value creating content, that guides the customers throughout their path to purchase.

We provide our clients with comprehensive marketing communication services for all channels. When it comes to working with the media, we are seasoned industry experts and not afraid to use our know-how in PR.

Effective content requires action and stories that suit your customers’ set of values; this is where customer insight comes in. We analyse your customers’ motivations, needs and behaviour by combining just the right mix of data and research.

Free from geographical limitations and less complex than traditional group discussions, online group discussions are a great way to dig deeper into the world of your stakeholders. In online discussions, every participant’s voice is heard.

Targeted and effective communication is based on understanding your customers’ online behaviour. Think about your most important customer profiles: What are they searching for online? Which sites do they visit? Which media do they regularly consume?

Analysing online behaviour typically begins with a search term analysis and a review of your own social media channels.

Consumer stories explain behaviours more profoundly than analytics or online discussions. Stories are collected by recruiting a group of consumers for one or two weeks to answer questions and complete tasks. They may take photos, write stories of their experiences or make videos, for instance. This allows for gaining a holistic view of the behaviour of the studied target group.

Stakeholder and customer interviews are a traditional, but still a very successful way to gain customer insight. We recommend that you always begin formulating marketing strategy with conducting interviews, as they provide you with fundamental understanding of your customers.

We help you to create a strategy and a concept that make your business targets a reality. A well-drafted plan optimises your resource allocation. Unnecessary measures are eliminated and efficiency gains are maximised.

Brand strategy determines the kind of the customer experience that the stakeholders gain from the brand – the company, its products and services. The following elements are typically defined in a brand strategy:

  • Competitive advantages
  • Desired image
  • Position
  • Brand ambition
  • Customer proposition
  • Principal message
  • Brand’s personality and tone of voice

The desired type of customer experience is the central concern of a modern brand strategy. The goal must be kept in mind throughout the planning and implementation phases. Brand strategy should be apparent in all services, products, and customer encounters.


A marketing communication strategy is a top-level plan for achieving the targets set for marketing, sales and communication. It determines:

  • Targets and their metrics
  • Channels and their roles
  • Target groups
  • Messages
  • Main themes of the year
  • Marketing approach

When the aim is to direct a certain customer systematically down the content path or the path to purchase, the plan can also be called a content strategy.

A content plan lists the themes and contents for making the brand real and relevant for different audiences, using the channels that are the most appropriate from their perspective. Prepared specifically for each customer profile, a content plan is more extensive and precise than a marketing communications strategy. The content plan defines how the different target groups will be directed down the content path or the path to purchase. Sufficient customer insight on each target group is the basis of a successful content plan.

We create a strategy and flow for your company’s social media presence, and provide you with monthly content and posting calendars. Our plan always takes into account your targeting needs and the monitoring of analytics.

We help you to create engaging quality content for any format or content type. We always target the content – such as videos, images, text and graphics – separately for each customer profile. To help the relevant audience to find the content, it must be marketed efficiently, keeping search engine visibility in mind.

We create targeted quality content for any format to support your sales, such as:

  • Videos
  • Brochures and presentations
  • Newspaper or magazine articles and other texts
  • News
  • Images
  • Graphics and infographics
  • Social media contents

We find the audience for your content. We are seasoned in social media sponsorship marketing and regularly conduct content collaboration with media companies. Native marketing provides an efficient and modern way to reach your audience, and bloggers and journalists are part of our network. In every case, we take into account search engine optimisation and automation tools.

We design and carry out social media campaigns and ensure that your message reaches the desired target groups. We constantly measure results to optimise the efforts.

We are industry experts in media communication. We create the sharpest hooks and tailor your message according to the media channels. We don’t, however, want to disturb journalists or bloggers for naught. Thus, we will tell you if another channel or tool  is more efficient in reaching your target group than PR. Successful PR yields incredible results – and that’s what we want to see!