Healthcare Communications

Within the next few years, social affairs and healthcare reform will thoroughly change the industry’s operating environment. Along the increased consumer freedom of choice, healthcare organisations must take bold steps to develop their communications, marketing and sales. Healthcare brands become increasingly important while communications and marketing are moving progressively into consumer-favoured digital and social media channels.

In the beginning of every collaboration we make sure that our customer’s communications and marketing truly support the business operations and other set goals; that our customer’s brand is clear and all communications channels are maxed out to their potential. Once these foundations are solid, we can get down to business. Our core focus points are ensuring brand visibility in selected media and customer-centred, valuable contents that smoothly guide your customer’s journey.

We provide extensive marketing communications services for all channels. Media know-how is our core competency, and we use our experience in PR in our projects to ensure the best possible results.

Health care and medical industries have their own tricks and artifices – and we know them!

Myy Agency has Finland’s most successful healthcare communications team, that has received multiple awards in its field.