Piplia Finnish Bible Society

Positive feedback loop through literacy

Since 2014, Myy Agency has been responsible for Finnish Bible Society Piplia’s marketing communication. During the collaboration we have clarified Piplia’s identity and messages, reached new donators and executed digital campaigns, among other things.

An essential part of the collaboration is the annual Agricola campaign, that aims to inform about and to support international literacy. The 9thof April is Mikael Agricola’s Day, who is the creator of standard written Finnish. As a part of our collaboration, Agricola cake was created.

This year, Agricola campaign donations were used for a literacy programme in East Africa. The goal of the programme is to teach 20,000 women to read and write. Through increased literacy we want to create a positive feedback loop, that benefits the individual, the community, the society and the next generations.



Case: Agricola cake

In 2014, Piplia wanted to create a digital concept that would speak to new potential donators.

Literacy topic was emphasised by attaching the communication to Agricola’s Day. As the father of written Finnish and the first to translate the New Testament to Finnish, Agricola has a natural link to the Bible Society’s work.

We challenged four popular baking bloggers to create the Agricola cake. The winner was chosen by a public vote. Nearly 10,000 votes were collected over the course of two weeks. Active content marketing was conducted in Piplia’s own, it’s partners’ and earned channels and platforms.

The winning Agricola cake was announced on the World Book Day 23rdof April, 2014. The winner was Makeaa Murmelin Täydeltä blogger Heidi Harjula, whose cranberry creation was tasted in MTV3’s Huomenta Suomi live stream. Agricola cake has been Piplia’s registered trademark since 2015. Around Agricola’s Day many bakeries all around Finland sell the pastry. We also announce names the participating shops annually. You can also try your hand at baking – the recipe is public. Yum!