Donald Duck

Aku Ankka – when things are just ducky

Aku Ankka, the Finnish edition of the Donald Duck magazine, is the most popular children’s magazine in Finland and the country’s biggest weekly.

During our collaboration, Aku Ankka has toured Finland searching for content for new stories, given Helsinki its Duckenheim art museum, and surveyed the top dream jobs of Finnish kids. The tone of voice is always relaxed, but and thus respectful of the legacy of the Finnish institution that is the Aku Ankka magazine.


A cartoon of a Donald Duck

Not Guggenheim, but Duckenheim

At the time of heated discussion about whether the City of Helsinki should collaborate with the Solomon Guggenheim foundation to construct a new art museum in Helsinki, we refused to sit on our wings. Instead, we decided to bring Duckenheim to Helsinki to celebrate Donald Duck’s birthday. The Duckenheim exhibition was a tribute to one of the most prominent cultural figures in Finland, Donald Duck, who turned 80 on the opening day.

The chosen location of the exhibition was the Media Piazza of the Sanoma House in the heart of Helsinki, a strategically important venue for Aku Ankka’s publisher Sanoma. The Piazza, located near the headquarters of the radio channels of Nelonen Media, also inspired radio show hosts to comment and discuss the Duckenheim exhibition on their programmes.

Myy designed the Duckenheim concept and the visual identity, after which we started producing content for various channels. The target group for pre-launch were opinion leaders on Twitter. The press release exclaimed that the financing for Duckenheim Helsinki had finally been confirmed!

A week before the opening, all stakeholders of Aku Ankka were invited to the opening ceremony. The invitation revealed the location of the exhibition – the Media Piazza in Sanoma House – and its most important work: a three-metre-high Donald Duck head made of flowers and located in front of the Helsinki Music Centre.

The opening ceremony on 9 June 2014, Donald Duck’s birthday, was a grand success. The audience enjoyed the many original art works on display and the panel discussion moderated by Aku Ankka’s editor-in-chief, Aki Hyyppä, on the importance of Aku Ankka for Finland and its cultural life.


Duckenheim became an instant sensation. The project was extensively covered by all the major news outlets, such as the 10 pm news by MTV3 and Yle News as well as the newspapers Turun Sanomat, Aamulehti and Hufvudstadsbladet. Even Helsingin Sanomat ran a playful story on the subject under the splash “Duckenheim made it before Guggenheim”. The story ended with the words: “They must be jealous in New York right now”.

It was estimated that several thousand people saw the Sanoma House Duckenheim exhibition between 9 and 19 June 2014. The Duckenheim video on YouTube produced by Myy had been watched by more than 50 000 times by January 2018.