Three steps to healthcare influencer marketing

Patients are participating in their own treatment decisions more than ever. To support their views, over 70 % of Internet users look up health information online. Amidst the myriad of advice, people search for reliable sources of information – and that’s where influencers come into the picture.

Here’s another interesting statistic: 72 % of all Internet users are also active in social media. In most industries, influencer marketing is a standard: it’s simple and effective. Despite the medical and health care sectors having their own artifices, for instance, such as in Finland prescription drug marketing being illegal, marketers should definitely consider adopting influencer marketing in their strategy.

As there is plenty of inaccurate or even false information, and the consumers are aware of this, a credible healthcare influencer such as a nurse, a physician or even patients who have gone through an illness and its treatments themselves, can provide reliable information. Social media presence of an influencer makes the information easy to find. Here’s three steps to ace healthcare influencer marketing.


  1. Select the right influencers

Influencer can be anyone but you need to choose someone who has the authority and professionalism to make people listen. Popularity is visibility, expertise is influence. Make sure to consider that the person you choose to be associated by your company fits your brand image and preaches its values. If a person you’re considering collaboration with has already an established follower base, have a look at their community: does it overlap with your target group?


  1. Listen and engage

Once the influencer stands behind your brand, make sure to actively engage with them. If any of their posts generate discussion (hopefully so!), be there to provide support and answers. Even if your influencer is a healthcare specialist, you as a company have the most information on your products. Be ready to equip your influencer with the appropriate tools to represent your brand, answer to social media comments and questions accordingly, and if needed, assist them in their answers.


  1. Monitor and measure

To make the most out of influencer marketing, remember to set tangible goals and track the results. From comments, likes and followings to traffic to your website, monitor the actions people take after engaging with the influencer to improve and develop your influencer strategy and to realise the benefits. Keep in mind that getting the right audience to talk about your brand is an indirect but a very important goal of influencer marketing: word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing!


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