Healthcare marketing is entering a new era

Content marketing has revolutionised the marketing opportunities in the health and pharmaceuticals sector. As the consumers are increasingly searching for health information online, healthcare companies are now able to provide it 24/7.  It has never been this easy for a healthcare company to establish itself as the top expert in its field.

A content marketing strategy will be based on the building blocks of your business to support your targets. To encourage people to take the next step down the customer path, marketing professionals must increasingly view the world through the eyes of a consumer. This means that all online content must be engaging and relevant to consumers, and health topics must be made easily understandable.

Companies’ own channels are the cornerstone of content marketing: all content related to the theme is compiled on the company website as an easily accessible package. Examples of content types include:

  • Informative texts and videos
  • Blogs written by experts
  • Lists of tips
  • Patient stories
  • Infographics
  • Tests

Health related content can bring thousands of visitors to a website every month. Relevant content does not easily become outdated: every winter, people search for the same information on seasonal flu.

Of course, content creation alone is not enough. Content must also be shared through all social media channels and boosted through targeted marketing to different audiences. Thankfully, content marketing is easy to measure. The KPIs are always set in collaboration with the customer depending on whether the target is, for example, to increase traffic to the site or to get more customers to join the loyalty programme.