How to get more listeners to your podcast

So you’ve acquired top-notch audio equipment, recorded your podcast and uploaded it online (read here how to do that). Your show is ready, you are ready. It’s time to let the audience in.

But how do you get people to find your podcast? Here are a few tips, that won’t only lure in listeners but entice them to stay, too.


  1. Put effort into quality and continuity

When making podcasts, ensuring the quality of both the sound and the content is essential. High quality audio grasps the attention of your listener, and if your show is continuously entertaining or informative, it will stir up discussion in your comments section and over a cup of Joe. Comments and recommendations bring more audience to you – as does answering to the comments.

Continuity is important also when considering the publishing frequency of your episodes. If possible, publish a new episode always at a specified time and day. Make sure to publicly announce your schedule, too, so that your listeners know to wait for the next episode and won’t forget about you.


  1. See the bigger picture

Once you’ve checked that everything is good to go quality-wise, you can concentrate on other factors affecting your show’s popularity. Does your podcast have an interesting and informative name? Are your banner picture and other graphics attractive? Is your description and metatexts optimised for search engines? Considering all the aspects of podcasting from the beginning gives a professional picture and boosts your visibility.


  1. Bring in a guest speaker

Interviewing a famous guest increases your reach through many ways: just having a big name on your show’s headline catches people’s interest, but it also helps with the promotion of your show, as your guest might post a link to your show in their own channels. This is one of the most efficient ways to increase your popularity when you’re only starting your podcasting career.


  1. Be heard on multiple platforms

Embedding podcasts on other websites is easy through Soundcloud,for instance. You can also invest a little bit on paid marketing in Facebook or Twitter – here a little goes a long way. Linking your podcast in your Instagram bio is a good idea, too, and mention the link in your posts to encourage more people to find your show.

iTunes is a useful platform for those seeking international audience. It’s one of the most popular podcast platforms and upon signing up your podcast will be shown in the News and Noteworthy, where climbing up the ranks (during the 8 weeks that your show will be featured on it) can give you some serious visibility. You can look up here how to list on iTunes.


The selection of various podcasts is greater than ever, and it may take some time until your show takes a top spot. Keep calm and enjoy producing novelty content – and if you get stuck, let us know and we’ll help you out!


Stay tuned, because next we’ll tell you more about how to use podcasts in business marketing!