Health care and medicine: content marketing checklist

Content marketing within the health care and medical sectors is more efficient and relevant than ever, as health topics are currently one of the most popular internet searches. Over 70% of Finnish consumers have searched information regarding their own health and symptoms of various diseases online.

Here’s our check list to help you to start health related content marketing.



Strategic content marketing begins from setting your goals. You’ll have to clearly define the challenges your business activity which you want to solve with the means of content marketing. In the health care industry, these challenges often lie in the beginning of the purchase path, for instance, boosting sales through spreading information on a disease or promoting a treatment.


Customer’s path to purchase

The first step in planning the contents is defining your customers’ purchase path. What information is missing and what is needed in different phases of the path? During what phase of a disease do people search for information the most? What hinders the customer from advancing on the purchase path? The need and demand for information can vary significantly depending on the disease and its phase: a freshly diagnosed diabetic is in a shock and looking for all information they can possibly find, but a diabetic with already balanced treatment rarely seeks for new information as actively. The critical points in the purchase path form the basis for customer centred content creation.



Once the patients’ needs are figured out, it’s time to compare them with your company’s supply. Content marketing strategy builds around the common themes between the patients’ needs and company’s supply.


Your own media

Often the smartest way is to create the content for your already existing media instead of building a whole new website. Through your company’s own channels the contents are easy to find when a potential customer makes online searches regarding health topics. Well planned and executed content may multiply the traffic to your website. Contents created for your own media can be found through search engines even after years and thereby strengthening the company’s position in the long run.


Marketing your contents

Social media doubles as marketing channels for your contents. For example, Facebook and Instagram allow for cost-effective and precisely targeted marketing for your selected groups. Native marketing and collaborations with influencers are also sound ways to promote your contents and increase their reach.