Customer Experience Trends 2018

Customer experience becomes increasingly important in the clash of old and new content marketing trends. Augmented reality will soon be part of people’s daily lives, and the changing business environment as well as increased competition will force companies to improve their customer experience.

To keep up with the digitalisation you have to be up to date with the changes in consumers’ environment. The era of social media means that the only constant that stays is change – everything else will just pass by. Business are increasingly dependent on consumers’ opinions and point of views. Therefore, the buzzword of today is customer experience. Customer experience is now a standard part of a company’s strategy. As the customers demand more and more, the investment in customer experience will grow further. Successful customer experience boosts sales, sales make the firm more profitable, and profitability creates stability. Here’s a few central points of 2018 customer experience trends.


NPS and measuring customer experience

More and more firms are measuring their customers’ loyalty and satisfaction to gain insights on their customer experience. Perhaps the most popular measure of customer experience is NPS, Net Promoter Score. NPS measures customer loyalty and satisfaction efficiently in a straightforward way, making it a standard tool in measuring customer experience.In the future, measuring customer experience will only become even more important as customer experience becomes an even more central concept and new measuring practices are developed.


Mobile applications for the win

According to Smart Insights, mobile applications make up 89 % of a smartphone’s media usage time, compared to only 11 % spent on traditional websites.The reason behind this is that applications can provide faster and user-friendlier service for mobile users. Businesses create specific strategies for mobile, and success is often followed by development, copying, and increased variety. A good example of this is Danske Bank’s MobilePay application. After launching the service in Finland, it didn’t take long before Osuuspankki introduced Siirto service and Apple’s already in 2014 developed Apple Pay application was launched in Finland as well by the end of 2017. The opportunities for development are endless. What’s the next thing?



Customer experience expands

In today’s environment, it’s not enough for businesses to be profiled into only one area of their industry, such as banks categorised as finance only. Competition is tough, and to maintain their competitive edge in the changing environment and to keep up with digitalisation businesses have been forced to spread and extend their services. In the banking world, for instance, banks are now offering services beyond finance. For example, Osuuspankki announced in its investor report in June 2016that its long run strategy aims to turn the company a highly diversified service provider by extending its operations in the health care and wellness industries. At the time Osuuspankki’s executive director Reijo Karhinen stated that successful customer experience is a mixture of human interactions and innovative technology. In 2018 we will already see how companies expand their sets of services to increase their presence in the daily lives of the consumers. The company offering the best set of services is the most beneficial for the customers. To achieve and maintain this leading position, companies need to think out of the box now more than ever.


Augmented reality as part of everyday life

One of most interesting future trends is augmented reality (AR) technology. Many companies have started to develop services around AR, that in the future will become part of our everyday lives. AR technology enhances “real world” with virtual content that can be seen through various screens. In 2016 released Pokemon Go, for instance, combined tangible reality with the virtual one, causing both great hype and hysteria (and, as a side product, massively boosting the sales of portable mobile chargers). Another example are Valio’s milk cartons in autumn 2017:the clever packaging doubles as an AR platform for Tuntematon Sotilas – The unknown soldier movie content, such as trailers. AR technology enhances the relationship and communication between a company and the consumers, and the added reality makes customer experience even more impressive, influential and important.