Call to action – 12 CTA examples

Call-to-action boosts the performance of your website. CTA is tangible, such as a button or a link. Used in the right way, CTAs are an efficient way to guide the behaviour of potential customers while providing real benefit for them.

Short and sweet is a good guideline for CTAs. Often the best CTAs are brief and get instantly to the point. However, CTAs are just the tip of the iceberg; the actual sale or promotion of a product or service is done well before it.

CTAs play an important role in the world of content marketing, too.

Here’s 12 examples that you can use in your own marketing and sales process:


1. Start now

Short, dynamic and loaded with meaning. Takes no unnecessary space.


2. Get your own X already today

Today is a strong word that creates a similar impression as now without being as aggressive.


3. Try X free for a month

What getting a free trial essentially means is that there is no risk involved. It is tempting and works especially well if you’re the provider of a software of application.


4. Register for free

“For free” makes this phrase also a risk free option and may motivate the user to choose your service after the registration.


5. Read more

A classic, but efficient. Potential customers are interested in learning more about the product or service, which drives them to seek more information.


6. Download your free X

Here’s a fact: people want free stuff. Give your customers something, such as e-books, webinars, etc., to get them convert later on. The fact that you gave them something first without requiring anything in return makes you seem sure about your product or service and gets the potential customers trust you and see you in a positive light.  In content marketing, this is an especially significant form of CTA.


7. See how X works

This could be a link to a video or infographic that explains how the product or service works.


8. Contact us OR Send us a message

It’s crucial that the threshold for potential customers to reach you is as low as possible.


9. Offer available only today OR Only five products left – get yours now! OR Get X while stock lasts!

Limited availability and immediate purchase opportunity encourages the customer to act, especially if they have already been considering purchasing the product or service.


10. Buy X today and receive extra benefits

For many people, one deciding factor whether to purchase something or not can be if they receive a little something extra, such as discount on some other product, on top of the deal.


11. Send X me now

This CTA is stylised to a me-form for potential customers.


12. Subscribe for our newsletter here

Used by many businesses, this one is another classic example of a clear, straight-to-the-point CTA.


Which CTA is the right one for you?

Not all CTAs work in all contexts, so to figure out which one is the best option for you, you should consider things like your target group, your product, the industry and the ordering or purchase situation. Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes: what is the most convenient and comfortable way for them to be encouraged in making the decision. Try out a few versions of your CTA to decide which form converts the most leads.